Why be a part of our Temple Chai community?

There are so many doors through which to enter Temple Chai…

Community - We are 700+ families strong in coming together and supporting one another. Nothing is more important to Temple Chai than community. Our lives are enriched when we share the key moments of life with each other. From weekly contact on Shabbat, to a supporting loving embrace in difficult times of transition, we acknowledge the interdependence of our lives…and we all depend on each other.

Worship - We believe in the transformative power of worship. Prayer is passionate, vibrant and engaging; bringing us to the heights of joy and the depths of contemplation. Driven by a deep love of music and Torah, prayer at Temple Chai will inspire you to think as well as feel.

Holidays – We measure time by the rhythm of the yearly Jewish cycle through a blend of traditional and innovative practice. Click here for a description of the holidays celebrated at Temple Chai.

Religious School – "The thing I love about this temple is that you are free to ask and learn anything you would like." - Lauren, 5th Grade

From early childhood education through Confirmation, we agree with the Talmud in stating…"The very world rests on the breath of children in the schoolhouse." With a beautiful blend of classroom learning and informal education, our school year is enriched by field trips, retreats, holiday programs and family education.

Our structured B'nai Mitzvah program helps turn this life-cycle moment for your child into an important milestone in your family's Jewish life. Our rabbis, cantor and teachers will guide your child and bring meaning to this beautiful ritual.

Adult Education - What the Torah really is…is the story of the human condition. There is no part of the Torah that doesn't touch your life in some way. We believe in the transformational power of Torah. One of the greatest things about Torah study is that it creates a community of learners, and necessitates a meeting of common interest in our lives. We do this because it prompts us to ask the big questions, seek answers, helps us understand how to spend our lives…from the first-time learner to the serious student of the Talmud.

World-Class Clergy – Come worship with, learn from, and study with our incredibly diverse clergy team.  Out of respect for their breadth of talent, knowledge and experience, we engage our Rabbi Emeritus and Cantor Emerita as deeply as possible.  Our rabbis and our cantor bring a fresh worldview, and grand opportunities to connect with our youth.  And what do a retired Army colonel, a rock climber and a diverse musician have in common? They are all part of our Temple Chai clergy team, passionately serving the needs of the community.

Social Action - We believe it is our responsibility to fix what is broken in the world. Our social action programs provide a marvelous venue for taking action on those issues we care about, through both direct service and political advocacy. We believe it is important to create a dialogue with diverse populations within our community in order to better understand each other and facilitate progress.

Shalom Center - The Deutsch Family Shalom Center is a brilliant and nationally recognized healing center; pushing the envelope of what it means to be a community that cares. People come from all over the country to learn about what we do and how we succeed. We exist to take care of each other and to assure that no one suffers alone.

Youth Groups – TCTY (Temple Chai Temple Youth) is a dynamic and robust program that has produced the current and former presidents of NFTY, the URJ Southwest regional youth organization. TCTY provides wonderful educational programs, social events and weekend retreats. TCTY teens are integrated into the synagogue culture, and are very much a part of who we are at Temple Chai.


Proudly, we can say that this list is terribly incomplete. Please come visit with us to learn so much more about our wonderful Temple Chai community…


Thank You to Our Special Front Office Volunteers

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