Dor L'Dor

Temple Chai's Seniors Group

Dor L'Dor programs are entertaining and informative and above all designed with a sense of community for all to enjoy.

Dor L'Dor has been active at Temple Chai for over 10 years. All members 55 and more are welcome. Dor L'Dor group meets monthly beginning in November and continues through May (see our calendar for events). There are no dues and guests are always welcome. Each event starts at noon with a wonderful luncheon and follows with a program. The cost for lunch and event is only $10.00 for Temple members and $12.00 for guests. Events are held at Temple Chai.

Upcoming events are listed in the weekly Echai, Shabbat brochures and Chai Lights.

Past events have included such opportunities as:

Those 55 years or (more) who plan to attend some or all Dor L'Dor events will not be dissapointed. A great luncheon - a wonderful program - a moderate cost. How can you go wrong? Hoping to see you there!

For more information, contact Sheana Abrams (, the temple staff coordinator for the group

Dor L'Dor Committee

Arnie and Laural Sigel - Co-Chairs
Norm and Carol Janoff                                                                                                                                                                                                            Jetta Melnick
Richard Merkin & Flo Kulekofsky
Shel & Phyllis Pierson
Dave Zinder