Chai Cafe
The Chai Café, now in its 11th year, was started as a project to help raise funds to support the many programs at Temple Chai, and to help build community. It is a place to go on Sunday mornings where members can meet one another and schmooze while dropping off their children for school or waiting for Torah study to begin. The Chai Café is a great alternative to fast food, and allows our students to grab breakfast or lunch while supporting their own Jewish education.

The Café has consistently raised in the neighborhood of $3000 to $4000 annually. Recently, these profits have been earmarked to help the Religious School meet their expense budget. Several special events are planned each year around Chanukah and Purim.

Watch for notices of pancakes, scrambled eggs and latkes breakfast. Experienced chefs such as the Rabbis and Cantor have become experts in these well- attended events. Special thanks to the many volunteers who help out on these Sunday mornings. We can always use more help – please call Frank Blake at 480-419-1883 or Bruce Selin at 602-750-6525 if you have a spare Sunday.