Healing Handiwork

These gatherings provide healthy meals, Jewish handicrafts, and items of comfort for congregants and community members.

Cooking with Kavannah
This project has been led by Anita Rabenowitz and Benita Sonabend, who have volunteered to provide our congregants comfort and the opportunity for performing a mitzvah through what Jews love best: food!

The idea for this spiritual gathering began with a mutual love of cooking and an understanding of the needs of our community. We are volunteers with Bikkur Cholim, our Temple Caring Community. Often, congregants are consumed by caring for a loved one or caring for themselves, and are unable to provide a home cooked meal for themselves or their family.

Cooking with Kavannah is an opportunity for those who love to schmooze, cook, and help others to get together to prepare and freeze meals for those in need. Meetings are held during the year in a private home. Donations are appreciated to cover the cost of the ingredients. Contact the Shalom Center for more information at 602-971-1234.

Healing Handiwork
As members of our congregation reach out in love and caring for others, we have created wonderful handicrafts and items of comforts for those "in need of healing." We gather in groups to create beautiful works of art that feed our souls and bring healing to others.

When do we meet?
Contact the Shalom Center for meeting dates or more information at 602-971-1234

Knitting with Kavannah
For those who enjoy knitting, a group meets on the 4th Tuesday afternoon of each month from 1:30 to 3:00 pm (September through May). This is a monthly contemplative knitting group promoting the simple and ordinary act of knitting toward relaxing the body and easing the mind. Knitting within our community reinforces our intention (kavannah) to knit God's love and warmth into items of comfort for congregants and their families in need of healing or celebrating life's joys. For more information, contact the Shalom Center at 602-971-1234. Please note that items for congregants in need can be knitted at home, if preferred.

Words of appreciation that have been expressed by our congregants include:

I was absolutely overwhelmed by your selfless mitzvah of creating and presenting me with a prayer shawl during a difficult time.

I felt wonderfully supported by the work of your hands and the prayers and blessings of your group.

The prayer shawl made my burdens seem lighter.

I can't put into words how much the lovely wrap that you knitted touched me and I will treasure it always. Thank you to each of your kind and loving hands for this lasting and wonderful gift of strength.