Elisa Lanes Caring Community

Bikkur cholim is the easiest way to fight apathy, indifference, injustice, and inhumanity just by saying the sick need me – need us – let's go and be with them…just go, go there.

Elie Wiesel

The Elisa Lanes Caring Community trains congregants in the mitzvah of performing bikkur cholim, visiting the sick. This mitzvah is a moral imperative for Jews to visit and connect through gemilut chasidim, acts of loving kindness, that benefit all of us as well as the person on whom our concern is focused. We show small gestures of caring through phone calls, visits, meals, or a thoughtful card.

How to I become a part of this healing community?
To be part of this community, we invite every congregant to go through an interactive training in the art of bikkur cholim. In small groups of two to four, participants will deepen their understanding of:

We hope you will consider joining the Caring Community soon and participating in the training and on-going programming throughout the year. These trainings have the flexibility of time and place that can usually be arranged at your convenience. Once you go through the training, the type of support and time commitment is entirely up to you. As part of the Caring Community, you will be invited to periodic workshops and programs to further your understanding of effective listening skills, the Jewish view of life transitions, and creative projects to reach out to others in need.

If you would like to attend a training or receive more information, please contact the Shalom Center at 602-971-1234 ext. 211.

What is the Caring Community experience?

"The training provided me with the foundation and meaning to translate my knowledge of visiting the sick into practical use."

"It was a very helpful process for boosting confidence and building a sense of the Bikkur Cholim 'community' itself."

"It was woven together very well, and the theory was extremely relevant to real life expectations. Great balance!"

"As a fairly new member of Temple Chai, I quickly met kindred spirits who also want to reach out to meet others and build a community of caring souls."